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Market Pullbacks – React with Discipline

Click Here for Full Article PDF Summary How should investors think about their portfolios in the context of a big daily market move? React with discipline Put results into perspective Be prepared to play defense Understand your biases

Relative Value Analysis – The Anatomy of an Investment Decision

Click Here for Full Article PDF Summary We have increased the amount of emerging markets exposure we have allocated within client equity allocations. We do not vary portfolio weights much from the broad equity and fixed income asset allocation targets we agree to in the investment policy statement we establish with clients. Instead, we vary underlying “sub-asset class targets” in portfolios based on the outcomes of our research and relative value analysis. Our relative value analysis is a means of […]

Manager Research – The Anatomy of an Investment Decision

Click Here for Full Article PDF Summary We will always have active and passive strategies in client portfolios. However, the percentage allocated to any investment type will vary over time. We believe we may have entered a transition period where the environment is becoming more favorable for active managers to outperform their passive counterparts. The most common, value-destroying behavior we witness on a regular basis is “recency bias.” This refers to the belief that whatever happened in the recent past […]

Hiring an Advisor – Do Your Homework

Click Here for Full Article PDF Summary Hiring an expert to do a job does not mean we get out of homework, it just means we get out of the actual work. In just about every profession most people have different skill sets, experience levels and motivations. Take the time to effectively interview the person you are looking to hire. And take the time to know what to ask during the interview. At Entasis, we know these decisions are hard. […]

MoneyLife Show – August 11, 2016 with Mike Peters

Click Here for an audio replay Topics Covered Review of Entasis core beliefs and fixed income investment process Discussion of interest rates Perspective on BlackRock Strategic Income Opportunities – BSIIX Perspective on Templeton Global Bond – TGBAX Review of Entasis sell criteria Audience questions A full copy of the MoneyLife Show can be found at http://moneylifeshow.com/archives.asp

Goals-Based Planning – Is it a free pass for your advisor?

Click Here for Full Article PDF Summary In theory, goals-based planning for clients makes a lot of sense. Make long-term goal achievement a priority relative to account performance. Our concern is that the original intent of goals-based planning has morphed into a potentially self-serving interpretation for some financial representatives. We believe the financial advice industry still needs to make significant strides towards better transparency for client account performance against a suitable benchmark. Many things can be gleaned when performance is […]

Research Matters – In House Research

Click Here for Full Article PDF Summary Entasis Asset Management is an investment firm founded by investors.  All founding partners have earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. We believe conducting investment research in house is a significant differentiator and the article provides support for that viewpoint. Additionally, we believe that the individuals managing portfolios should also be the individuals conducting detailed “boots on the ground” research on individual investments. Research takes experience, a monetary investment […]