GenerationTech Asset Allocation

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Who is GenerationTechTM?

     People that enjoy the time and communication efficiencies provided by technology

We have read numerous articles and reports about the behaviors and characteristics of the six living generations in the United States. Scholars, statisticians, doctors and economists have tackled the analysis from all angles. We are convinced we could read hundreds more and it wouldn’t change what we believe is an irrefutable truth that transcends generational lines. A desire for more time and a love of the benefits of technology are not unique to a single generation.

What are the Entasis GenerationTechTM asset allocation strategies?

     Strategies for GenerationTechTM that rely on traditional research to grow wealth

Our GenerationTechTM  asset allocation strategies are designed for investors beginning to accumulate wealth (household investable assets $50,000 and up) and investors that prefer efficient, low touch client service from their advisor. GenerationTechTM  strategies rely on the same in house investment research that is used to develop all client portfolios at Entasis. These portfolios give investors access to high quality investment advice in a highly efficient package.

Are the Entasis GenerationTechTM asset allocation strategies right for you?

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