Investment Planning


As an investment firm run by investors our primary service is investment planning, which is driven by Our Process. It is our goal to use our experience in investment selection to design a portfolio for clients that exceeds their long-term investment goals through the selection of superior investment managers and individual securities.

Portfolios at Entasis Asset Management are managed utilizing a risk-conscious, diversified approach that invests in liquid and actively-managed, equity, fixed income, alternative and mixed-asset investment products. Our portfolios will also include individual securities depending on a client’s tax situation, investment goals and risk tolerance. We will invest across all asset classes, sub-asset classes and styles.

We work with all of our clients to develop an investment portfolio that fits their unique circumstances.


Our investment planning process incorporates four key elements.

The goals of our four investment planning elements are to know our clients, align one of our portfolios with their growth and preservation goals, actively manage their portfolio in a risk conscious, low turnover strategy and make sure all of our clients have a high level of comfort in the investments we recommend and a strong understanding of the investment decisions we make.



Who are Entasis’ clients?

Our investment advisory and financial planning services are available to individuals, corporations and other business entities, pension and profit sharing plans, endowments, foundations, charitable organizations, estates, government entities and trusts.

Why should you invest with Entasis?

We believe we have a strong Value proposition, but you should also consider us if you have ever had concerns about advisor costs, understanding your portfolio, receiving enough communication about your investments or worried about your advisor’s investment knowledge – to name a few. And if you have never used an advisor due to concerns about investment minimums we will gladly discuss options with you.