The Entasis Difference


We are investors with a passion for investing. Each of our founders is a CFA charterholder and collectively our team has decades of experience in investment analysis, portfolio construction, due diligence, research and security valuation.


We are majority-owned by employees. The firm has no affiliations with other firms. We are fiduciaries. It is our duty to act in the best interest of our clients. All recommendations are fully unbiased and designed for the benefit of clients.


We own the investment analysis and recommendations for client portfolios. We do not rely on a third party or “home office” to do research for us. We follow a methodical, patient approach to selecting investments. Our research process is proprietary and includes extensive interactions with management, portfolio managers, analysts and other key decision makers.



We conduct the research and we build client portfolios. It is fairly common for the roles to be distinct, but our experience in manager analysis has taught us that optimum portfolio outcomes tend to occur when the individuals choosing investments for a portfolio also conduct in-depth research of the investment candidates.


We manage to our strengths. We invest in areas where we believe we have a competitive advantage through our research. We have no interest in fads or complicated financial engineering. Our research process quickly screens out many investment options that do not meet our investment criteria and quality hurdles.


We believe in regular, understandable communication. We clearly articulate our process and conclusions. No surprises. We adhere strongly to the notion that “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.” We want our clients to have a high level of comfort in their portfolios and the decisions we make.