Individual Investors

At Entasis we work with individuals at all stages of their investing lives. The common threads among our clients are a desire to proactively manage fees, an interest in understanding their investment portfolios and a strong preference for an experienced team with a robust investment process.

The stage of an individual’s investing life cycle and the investing preferences of the individual are always specific to the person. However, we believe that everyone should have access to quality investment advice. We provide investment planning services to clients at all four of the primary investing phases that we tend to see and we customize wealth goals to the individual. We partner with attorneys, accountants and tax advisors to ensure we provide our clients with a comprehensive strategy.

Substantiation – Investors at the beginning of their investing lives that are defining investment priorities, opening their first accounts and establishing an emergency fund.

Accumulation – Investors with a solid investment foundation that are accumulating wealth toward core priorities such as retirement and college savings.

Maximization – Investors in their peak earning years that are maximizing retirement savings and beginning to plan for life after work including estate planning.

Distribution – Investors in retirement that are beginning to draw on their savings and are more aggressively pursuing estate planning priorities.

Our experience has taught us that these stages are never distinct, but we find it helpful to discuss the phases with clients to help them visualize how they are connected. Investment planning is a continuous process. We want clients to begin their investing journey early and remain a proactive participant. Participation is critical to achieving goals.

For clients with specific investment management interests and a desire to only tap into our investment research capability. We have a range of offerings to meet the goals of individuals with those needs. Our list of individual strategies includes:

  • Core Fixed Income
  • Core Plus Fixed Income
  • High Income
  • Dividend & High Income
  • Core Equity
  • Dynamic Total Return.

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