Why Us

We are differentiated from other advisors by our proactive fee management, accountability for investment results and transparent communication.

We chose the name Entasis (en-tuh-sis) because we believe most investors pay premium fees for overly complex portfolios, creating the illusion of value. In architecture, entasis corrects for the illusion of concavity in a column.

It is the mission of our firm to use our decades of investment experience to develop low cost, understandable portfolios using our in-house research to correct for that illusion and increase potential return outcomes for clients.

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Our Beliefs


We believe the average investor pays too much for financial planning and portfolio advice. We also believe that costs quickly limit the potential for wealth compounding. Our fee schedule is designed to be below industry averages.


We believe that accountability and thorough, grass roots research is critical to generating outsized returns. Our founders average more than 15 years of investment experience and we conduct all of our research in house.


We believe investing has gotten overly complex and excessively engineered. We believe this creates distractions that limit return outcomes. Our portfolios emphasize a group of investments that our clients can understand.


We believe everyone should have access to an experienced investment professional and high quality asset management. Our account minimums, fees and portfolios reflect this conviction.

The Entasis Difference

Experienced Investors

We are investors with a passion for investing. Each of our founders is a CFA charterholder and collectively our team has decades of experience in investment analysis, portfolio construction, due diligence, research and security valuation.

Sound Operational Platform

We understand the importance of a strong operational foundation to the experience clients have with our firm. We have made it a priority to partner with high quality firms to ensure our interactions with clients are focused on their financial goals and priorities.

Proactive Total Fee Management

We believe it is the duty of investment advisors to provide clarity to clients about the type and amount of fees being paid and to disclose conflicts of interest. We are only compensated by an advisory fee, but proactively manage product and platform fees to limit total client fees to the greatest extent possible.

Institutional Research Process

We own the investment analysis and recommendations for client portfolios. We do not rely on a third party or “home office” to do research for us. We follow a methodical, patient approach to selecting investments. Our research process is proprietary and includes extensive interactions with management, portfolio managers, analysts and other key decision makers.

Transparent Communication

We believe in regular, understandable communication. We clearly articulate our process and conclusions. No surprises. We adhere strongly to the notion that “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.” We want our clients to have a high level of comfort in their portfolios and the decisions we make.

Investment Process

At Entasis Asset Management, we believe that a methodical research process and a deep understanding of investments are necessary to build high-conviction portfolios, which are the foundation for risk-adjusted outperformance relative to the broad market over a complete market cycle.

We utilize a combination of bottom-up investment manager and security analysis, along with top-down macro analysis to build optimal risk-adjusted portfolios. Our risk-conscious, diversified approach may invest in actively-managed equity, fixed income, alternative and mixed-asset investment products and liquid, individual securities.

Portfolios are constructed through the implementation of our Core / Completion philosophy and incorporate each client’s tax situation, investment goals, time horizon and risk tolerance, among other factors. Our Core / Completion philosophy was developed over time through extensive research into broad asset classes, sub-asset classes, interaction of those asset classes with one another, and the probability of active manager success over a complete market cycle. All of our asset allocation decisions rely on our investment manager research process, individual security research process and our decision making structure for investment vehicles.

Click this link for our Investment Process brochure.