Your Personal CFO

All athletes that sign their first professional contract have reached the pinnacle of their sport. It is the recognition of years of time, focus and commitment. It is also the beginning of a professional career away from their sport as CEO of their own corporation. Entasis+ was created to help athletes succeed as CEO. We operate as your personal CFO. We are here to help inform your financial decisions with sound financial planning and business management consulting throughout your career. And when that day comes when you move into your post-career phase, we are here to help you manage the wealth you have built to navigate your post career and generational wealth transfer plans.

What Are Our CFO Priorities?

As your personal CFO we will partner with you to coordinate the team resources necessary to run your business. We will work closely with your attorney, agent, banker and accountant to make sure your athletic career remains the priority. We will reduce complication and provide complete transparency into your financial affairs through efficient, monthly CEO meetings. We help our clients in three core areas: Sudden Wealth Planning, Lifetime Financial Freedom and Generational Giving.

How Can We Help You?

We have a range of services we can provide to you. We customize our plan and fees to fit your unique needs and preferences. Here is a sample of our services.