Cybersecurity – Protecting Your Information

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Last year it is estimated that there were over 14 million victims of identity theft and fraud. Here is a list of 10 rules that can improve the safety of your information.

  1. Create a secret email address for financial accounts.
  2. Create strong passwords.
  3. Enable 2-Step verification on your email and financial accounts.
  4. Use Wi-Fi with extreme caution.
  5. Secure your home Wi-Fi network.
  6. Set up instant text or email alerts.
  7. Freeze your credit and protect your children.
  8. Update your software.
  9. Back up files to avoid ransomware.
  10. Take time to examine email messages and inspect links.

Tax Management, Labor Shortages and Inflation – Entasis Newsletter 3Q2021

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Newsletter Summary

  • Tax management should not be a substitute for portfolio management. Tax avoidance can potentially lead to gain avoidance.
  • We believe one of the most effective ways to protect portfolios from inflationary risks is to buy cheap assets. In our view, these are assets that may have been (or continue to be) out-of-favor with investors for one reason or another, and therefore, have depressed prices when viewed in relation to their future earnings or growth potential.
  • Taking everything into consideration, we believe interest rates continue to drift higher with the U.S. Treasury yield curve steepening (the spread between short- and long-term interest rates growing wider). As a result, we continue to position client portfolios to have less interest rate risk than our internal benchmarks.