Market Notes, Portfolio Views, Seafarer and Fees – Newsletter 3Q16

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Section Summary

  • Market Performance – Too often the “market” is only discussed in the context of highly publicized indexes such as the S&P 500 Index. Portfolios and investment opportunities are influenced by a much broader set of circumstances. Use our return table for a better understanding of the how the “market” performed beyond the headlines.
  • Market Notes – We do not draw conclusions every quarter. We are long-term investors. We use quarterly information on a few core market drivers to help shape our assessment of long-term trends relevant to client portfolios.
  • Equity & Fixed Income Comments – In these sections we provide a review of market results and discuss how we are currently positioning our investment portfolios.
  • Research Focus – All of our research and investment decisions made for client portfolios is done in-house. In this section we provide a review of the process behind a recent decision.
  • Client Focus – We believe that too many investors do not have clear answers to how much they are paying for financial advice or how fees are calculated on their accounts. In this section we provide some context. Contact us to talk about how we can improve your experience.